To our valued customers,


TIM Rent a Bike is committed to the health and well-being of our collaborators, clients and the community in general. During COVID-19, we reinforced the cleaning and disinfection protocols for our bikes and sports equipment. We have provided our collaborators with personal cleaning equipment to carry out their activities, as well as social distancing protocols. All protocols are based on the sanitary guidelines of the Secretary of Health and the Secretary of Health of the State of Baja California Sur. Given the complex situation created by COVID-19, TIM Rent a Bike has devised an operational strategy based on the following premises:

  • Security for collaborators and clients.
  • Reduced contact in interactions between clients and collaborators.
  • Optimization of operating processes.
  • Adaptation of our service to customer needs.

During this conjuncture period, TIM Rent a Bike is taking the following measures to promote a safe environment for everyone:

Protection: all employees have personal protective equipment and hygiene equipment and have been trained in health standards.

Disinfection: All rental items are fully disinfected following CDC standards after each rental, with great attention to high contact areas.

Safety Equipment: Clean helmets and accessories are provided to customers. The used inventory goes to a container labeled “Return / Used” where staff will disinfect them. The sanitized equipment will re-circulate to the main container in use only once the existing clean inventory has been exhausted, ensuring properly sanitized equipment for all customers.

Social distance: a minimum of 1.5 meters of distance with other people will be maintained.

Signaling system: signs have been put in place to indicate to clients how the space will be used and the need for social distancing.

Adapt our tours: our groups will be smaller and we have changed some routes to avoid crowded areas. We prepare one-way routes to avoid groups crossing each other whenever possible. We also avoid areas that are likely to be crowded and small spaces with limited capacity. Our bicycle tours and stops to explain the monuments are made in open and / or wide spaces, respecting the safety distance.

There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present. We have taken improved security measures for our collaborators and clients. We ask that you follow all published guidelines and all applicable state and local COVID -19 regulations.

We recommend that you also take appropriate precautions, and if you have symptoms or have been at risk of exposure, plan to visit us later.

We are committed to doing everything we can to keep you healthy and appreciate your support in keeping our community safe. Please continue to refer to this section of our site for updated information. We appreciate and appreciate your continued love of the outdoors.


Very truly yours,

TIM Rent a Bike team